Happy international women’s day to all my readers, friends, sisters, brothers, teachers and my mentors.


There is a man who known as a Padman of India, his name is Arunachalam Muruganantham. He is a social entrepreneur from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He invented a low cost machine to make sanitary pads. His mission is to provide sanitary napkins at low cost to women who are living in rural India. Now he is successfully doing this great job across India. I am inspired by his work for society and I wrote a poem, it’s periods.


People think that having periods is bad,
This negative thinking of people make me sad,
But I don’t worry, I have my backbone and she is my mom,
She always makes me to feel warm.

During periods because of bleeding we face bad pain,
People think that it’s only a vain,
People know that puberty is a natural thing,
Then why they behave like they are insane.

People talk about gender equality but, as puberty comes, they don’t think about our dignity,
Menstruation is pure but, it’s not accepted by thoughtless society,
Because of superstition there is an increase in scarcity of humanity.

Because of some taboos we face oppression,
Why people don’t kill stressful traditions,
Why people blindly believe on superstition,
Why they don’t believe on education.

We should think and work like a Padman, We have to support women like Superman, Prove this to be a brave man, be a true man.

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