One day, I was reading a newspaper early in the morning. There was a news of gangrape of 24-year-old women by her friends in Delhi. I read that news and it made me numb. That was a barbaric act done by her friends. Condition of girls is very bad in India. In rural areas girls face sexual exploitation, religious practices, social stigma, child marriages, domestic violence and other social problems. These social problems of girls leads to women trafficking in India.

In rural areas social stigma is a major problem. In Indian society, social stigma is associated with divorced, widowed, sexual abused women and young girls. Indian society does not accept girls who are sexually abused. People think that they are unholy, but they don’t think about their feelings and situation. This is the reason that girls think in the negative way and this negative thinking leads to painful depression. They don’t tolerate this painful depression and they suffer from it. Another major problem in rural areas is religious practices. Under religious practices unwilling girls become devdasi. This devdasi system contributes to the growth of prostitutes. Girls belonging to the lower castes are encourage to accept devdasi as a way of life. In rural areas, girls are not allow to take education after 9 and 10th standard. They get married at early age and because of this they don’t get opportunity to complete their education. They get stuck in critical problems and they can’t complete their aspirations and dreams because of lack of education.

Also in urban cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata girls are not safe. These cities are most developed cities of our country, these are becoming worst for girls because of gangrapes. Gangrapes are increasing day by day because of negative thinking of people about girls. Girls are not made for men services. They are not our assets. Because of these problems, girls think that they are hapless, they don’t have bright future. Why do they think like this?, what are the reasons behind it? We are not aware of root cause of their problems or may be we are? These problems of girls make me sage to kill devils who abuse girls. When all this will stop? Don’t we have answer? We can change this situation, if we change our mindset about girls, if we stop the traditional practices, those are painful for girls.

We have to give equal opportunities to women to complete their wants. We have to respect them. We have to give equal rights to them. We won’t able to come in the world without them. We don’t have certain identity without them. If we want to make our country strong, our women have to be more strong. Girls are roaring with this line: Hmaraa time kab aayega?

हमारा टाईम कब आयेगा?

अपनी दो मिनट की खुशी के लिए वे हमारी जिंदगी बरबाद कर देते है, जीस्म पर लगे घाव भर जाते है, लेकीन मन और दिमाख पर लगे घाव कभी भर नही पाते हैं, किसी अजनबी से हम हमेशासेही डर जाते है, हमारी आँखें हरपल दर्दभरे आसुवों से आते हैं!

मन मे क्रुरता भरा हुआ वो राक्षस हमारी और हवस की नजरों से देखता है, हमारा मन उसे जिंदा जलाने के लिए हमेशा दहकता है, और लोग कहते है, हमारी वजह से लडको का मन बहकता है, अब हमारी जिंदगी में वो खुशी देनेवाला फुल भी नही महकता है!

समाज में लोग कहते है, अभी तक तुम्हारी बेटी कुवारी है, इस एक सवाल से दुर हो जाती है हमारी खुशियों की अलमारी, उस पल से सुरू होती है, हमारी बेबस जिंदगी की सवारी, क्युं खतम नही होती है, ये इन्सानियत को खतम करनेवाली बीमारी!

हमें कब समाज में मान मिलेगा?, हमें कब पुरूषों के समान माना जायेगा?, हमें सताने का ये सिलसिला कब खतम होगा?, हमें कब इंसाफ मिलेगा?, न जाने हमारा टाईम कब आयेगा?

“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” By Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

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