An unrequired love

One day, I was remembering my old school memories. In the school, I was fall in love with a beautiful girl. For her, my love was infinite. One day I messaged her. We were chatting about my poetry performance. I preformed my love poem ‘ Girl I am dying to love you ‘ at rotary club. She asked me, ” who is she lucky girl? For whom did you write this poem? I was waiting for her message because I used to feel happy while chatting with her. I read her message and I started smiling because I wrote that poem only for her and on the occasion of Christmas I dedicated to her. After sometime I told her about my feelings and my love for her. She replied ” I can understand your feelings”. I respect you and your feelings for me. But Karan sorry, you are my good friend only, I like you as a friend. Please understand me”. I read her message and I feel sad. There were so many thoughts running in my mind. But I controlled myself. Large tears brimmed in my eyes. I replied, ” thank you so much, but I am going to forget you because when I think about you, I feel alone without you”. She replied, Karan please don’t forget me”. I replied, don’t worry, my love is always there for you. I will be with you in your entire life. But I don’t want to feel guilty and I don’t want any depression. Because from last one and half year I am suffering from depression. I will remember you as a good friend in my life”. She replied with love and smiley emojis ” thank you so much Karan. I am very lucky to have a sweet, best and understanding friend like you”. I replied, thank you very much. Be with me as a best friend in my life”. Like this we finished our conversation. Mutually we decided we will be good friends in our life. But one thing, from my eyes tears were falling down on the phone at that time. I thought, I should not feel sad, I should feel happy because I got to know that she likes me as a good friend only and she doesn’t feel for me. She loves another person. I understand her words and feelings. Here I learnt about empathy skill. It is very important to respect and understand feelings of another person. On that day, I agreed with this statement, ” she doesn’t require my love, for her my love is an unrequired love”.

Poem: Girl I am dying to love you

Girl I am dreaming about you, my heart is beating for you, my brain is thinking about you, my eyes are waiting for you, I am dying to meet you.

Girl I am feeling for you, my hairs want to shine for you, my ears want to hear sweet voice of you, my fingers are doing tatting for you, I am dying to meet you.

Girl I am caring about you, my brain is saying, “why are you wasting your time for you”, but my heart is saving love for you, my books are searching your name in my life, my pen is writing poems for you, I am dying to take care of you.

Girl I am loving you, even my body will die, but my soul will always love you, I am dying to love you.

Girl sorry, I am forgetting you, I am going away from you, from inside my heart is paining for you, but my brain is moving me away from you, sorry I am leaving you.

22 thoughts on “An unrequired love

  1. Nice Bro…
    The Story was Nice…. But Sometimes v have to accept reality…. To be a Good friends is better than having such kinds of things… Incase if both the partners are agree then it’s good for both of them otherwise this can be responsible for pushing the person into depression… 💔💔

    But Nice one I like the Poem also 🙏🙏
    Thanks Bro

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  2. It’s a good thing u chose right way and u never gone in depression.. and see the result it is good for u both…😊😊 nice story karan,i like it 👍..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s the good think that happened with you bro. Because of this you’ll became you man. And very happy for you 😊😊 I am existed for your next journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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