Life with melody and bitter.

A question mark ?

Life means the existence of an individual human being or animal. I think the real meaning of life is the existence of an individual with great passion of doing something great. There are so many ups and downs in our life. Everyday we faced so many problems. Problems come from any way, we can’t control them. Sometimes we faced critical situations. In that situations sometime we failed. It doesn’t mean that we can’t control or tolerate that situations. Everyone is gone through so many problems in the world. Our life is a mixture of problems and their solutions. We can’t control catastrophe. There are so many people who faced adversity in their entire lives. Mr. Sanjay Dutt, one of the best Bollywood actor. He faced so many problems and difficulties in his life. His biopic movie Sanju- one man many lives, gives us brief information about his life. We don’t know his scourge earlier. His father Mr. Sunil Dutt gave him three essential life lessons. This three life lessons played an important role in his life. This is the big example of ups and downs in once life. His life was decided by a ? mark. His entire life shows an importance of once life.

Comfort zone

In this competitive world, we have to acquire skills which are useful for our career. But sometimes it is difficult to acquire some skills like communication with strangers, with girls, speaking in public, etc. People who are shy, introvert and deep thinker have this problem. It doesn’t mean that they can’t be an extrovert person or they can’t speak in public. They have the phobia of speaking in front of people. If this phobia vanishes from their life, they will definitely come with very good qualities. Because of communication problems we can’t speak more and interact with people. This has to be finish because in future it will affect our career, professional and personal life. It will finish, if we come out from our zone. It is not that much hard to speak in front of people. If we work properly, we will definitely get good results. Because if our comfort zone, we can’t enjoy our lives. We feel alone and conscious. We have to kill this fear. We have to come with energy that will mesmerize all the people who are enjoying their lives. Life must be enjoy with happiness not with sadness. Example- Phobia movie starer Radhika Apte. In this movie Mehak- a girl can’t interact with people who unknown to her and she spends all her time in an apartment. From this movie we will definitely get an idea about effects of not speaking in public, with strangers.

Great life

Life should be great rather than long, this saying of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar holds good in this competitive world. It is right our life must be great. It is not matter how many years we alive in this world. Every moment must be enjoy by every human being. In this competitive world, we are forgetting enjoyment. I am also an introvert person. I know not taking with people leads to less communication and interaction with people. Now, I am working on this. My mentors, teachers, family and friends help me to overcome this problem. I start to communicate with girls, strangers and in front of people. Really! It is not that much hard. I feel happy amd confident nowadays. I am learning now. Really! Life should be great rather than long.

Poem : Zindagi

Hansaye rulaay yah zindagi, padhay likhay yah zindagi.

Baichen banaay yah zindagi, aur sukun bhi dilaay yah zindagi.

Ladhna shikhay yah zindagi, jhukna bhi shikhay yah zindagi.

Pyaas bujaay yah zindagi, aur bhuk bhi mitaay yah zindagi.

Heena shikhay yah zindagi, marana bhi shikhay yah zindagi.

Pyaar karana shikhay yah zindagi, aur nafrat bhi jataay yah zindagi.

Hame bada banaay yah zindagi, aur chota bhi mahsoos karvay yah zindagi.

Hamari hai yah zindagi, aur tumaari bhi hai yah zindagi, hum sabki hai yah zindagi.

Zindagi se ruthana hataao, aage badho, zindagi se pyaar karo, aur jii bhar ke jiyo apani pyaari zindagi.

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